My 1 Week Diet Review And Results w/ Before & After Pics

Hey everyone! My name is Sarah and I am a single mother with 2 young boys at home.

I also take care of my 87 year old mother who lives with us too.

Needless to say my life can get pretty crazy lol! Even through all of this, about 2 years ago I met the man of my dreams and together we decided to get married.

Why he wanted to inherit my crazy life??

I have no clue lol! I guess that’s love right there!

Ok enough about me, this article is all about the 1 Week Diet Program by Brian Flatt!

I promise to take you through my experience with the program and also show you my before and after pics… Before I do though, let me share you with how I discovered the 1 Week Diet!

How I Discovered The 1 Week Diet

As I was saying I was about to get married so I should be super happy right?

Well almost…

My only problem was I still had a lot of leftover baby weight and a body I wasn’t too proud of. I really wanted to slim down and be much more fit in time for the wedding.

However, my life really got in the way of things and the time from the proposal to our actual wedding day flashed right before my eyes.

Unfortunately I had 2 weeks before my wedding and I hadn’t dropped any weight or changed my body at all.

I really felt like I had failed at my marriage before it even begun.

Although my finance continued to remind me he loves me no matter what and I look beautiful, I just couldn’t believe him.  I knew I could do a lot better, but life just got in the way.

One night about 13 days before my wedding I was looking online for any super fast detoxes or any “healthy” ways to starve myself.  I was willing to do anything to drop a few pounds at this point.

About 2 hours into looking online just before I was about to call it quits I saw a friend of mine on Facebook posting a before and after photo of herself!

She said she lost 10 pounds! She looked incredible!

You want to know the most shocking thing about it? She said she had lost the weight in just one week!

I felt so much excitement jolt through my body! I had to find out how she did it!!

I sent her a quick facebook message telling her how amazing she looked and then asking how she did it.

She responded saying:

The 1 Week Diet 🙂

I had never heard of it before so I did some quick research and ended up on the main 1 Week Diet Website.

The website took me to a video… a quite long video lol! But I watched the entire thing because I really wanted to know if this diet was for me.

Turns out the diet was created by Los Angeles Celebrity Trainer Brian Flatt.  The diet is based around a scientifically proven nutritional system in which is are basically pumping high fat burning foods into your system for 7 days straight.

It’s the same diet system used in TV shows like The Biggest Loser by trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper.

The program comes with a lot of great information as shown on the website and lots of crazy success stories.

The cost of the program was originally $199 but has been lowered to just $37 for the time being (click here to see if discount is still valid).

I also saw that the 1 Week Diet program comes with a money back guarantee!

I could literally try the diet for 7 days and if I didn’t get the results I wanted they would give me my money back, no questions asked!

At this point I had nothing to lose! I only had 13 days before my wedding so I could try this diet for 7 days and see if it was everything it was hyped up to be!

I went ahead and bought the program that night for $37 and I was immediately sent the entire system to my email!

What’s Included With The 1 Week Diet

The 1 Week Diet came with a lot of guides with a ton of information.  A lot of which I haven’t even looked to be honest.  The main components of the program are the:

Launch Handbook: This basically introduces the diet to you and tells you exactly what the next week is going to be for you

Fat Burning Guide And Meal Plan: This guide tells you all about the foods you are going to eat and gives you an exact plan of each meal to eat each day.  It is super set by set and very easy to understand which I love!

The Progress Workbook: This one is your workout guide.  Working out is optional during this diet but I highly recommend it to get the best results possible…plus the workouts are super easy!  This guide will show you the easy workouts you can do and the best part is you only have to do them 3 out of the 7 days!

Weight Loss Motivation Handbook: This book has all the mental components you need to get the best results possible, after all, weight loss is 99% mental!

Day 1 – My First Day On The 1 Week Diet

So after receiving all that I talked about above I was super excited to get started!

I woke up the next morning and took the dog out for a walk to get my body going and moving. The boys came with me too!

After that I took a trip the grocery store and bought all the recommended foods on the 1 Week Diet program.

It consisted of a lot of different vegetables which I felt a little uneasy about because I am not a big veggie person, but I knew it was just for one week… so I knew I could do it!

Day 1 ended up being a lot easier than I had expected.  I ate everything the 1 Week Diet recommended and even did the 20 minute workout along with it.

I will admit I still did feel some hunger after the meals.

I think this is because I was so use to overeating and this was really the first day I ate foods and portions that were healthy for me but honestly that was the only discomfort I felt during day one and two.

Day 3 and 4 – Not As Easy As I Thought

I have to be honest with you Day 3 and 4 were the worst for me. I felt hungry and tired most of the days.

I remember I went to the mall to buy a new case for my phone and was so tempted to stop at the food court and eat pizza and ice cream haha!

I don’t know if you will feel the same as me but I think it was because my eating habits were so poor before the diet.

It was like my body was super confused.

Regardless of how I felt, I was determined to keep pushing through.  I was nice to know that I just had 3 days left in the diet.

Days 5 and 6 all of the changes started to happen!

I feel like my body really started adjusting to the fat burning foods and I began to actually crave them rather than junk food.

This is exactly what the nutrition guide says will happen… so now I’m a true believer!

I also started to notice a lot of difference in the mirror.  I didn’t want to weigh myself yet because I wanted to save it for the end but I could definitely feel my clothes fitting better and my face looking slimmer.

This all happened in just a few short days.

Day 7 – My Final Day And Results

So the final day came and I felt like my energy was sky high! I felt like the foods and workouts were second nature to me and I could knock it all out super fast! I felt like a whole new person and all it took was 7 days!

The end of the 7 days came to a quick end and I woke up on the 8thday and stepped on the scale.  I was in complete shock!!

I lost 12 pounds in ONE WEEK!

Say what?!

It’s true! 12 pounds gone in just one week’s time! I literally cried when I saw the number on the scale.

My youngest son walked in to the bathroom to make sure I was ok and all I could do was hug and kiss him!

My 1 Week Diet Results – Before/After Pictures

Check out my before and after pics! I took these just 7 days apart!

Sarah's 1 Week Diet Results

My baby weight is slowly disappearing and I can even see some of my abs starting to peek through!

If you still don’t believe me check out my wedding dress before and after photos! One week before it was tough to zip up and now it couldn’t find more perfectly!

Sarah Wedding Weight Loss

One thing is for sure… I am not going back to my old ways!

The 1 Week Diet is a lifestyle for me now. I am still doing it to this day even after my wedding, which by the way was everything I could ever imagine and more.

I owe it all to Brian Flatt and the 1 Week Diet program!

If a small part of you is even considering doing the diet – do it!

I can promise you if you follow it, you will see incredible results!

Pic of SarahThanks for reading everyone! If you have any questions regarding the 1 Week Diet or want to share your own results please do so below!!


Sarah 🙂

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