Bikini Body Guide Review – Why It’s Not Worth The Money

Are you thinking about trying Kayla Itsines’s Bikini Body Guide workout program? Before you buy it, read my review! It may change your mind..

Hey everyone! My name is Cammy and I’m 26 years old from Chicago.  I have a 3 year old daughter and currently live with my boyfriend.  About 7 months ago my mother past away and it was the most heartbreaking moment of my life.  My mom was my best friend and she taught me everything about life. During this period of time after her passing I’ll be the first to admit, I gained a lot of weight. I turned to food that help with my problems and put on quite a bit of weight in the process.

Once the pain of my mother’s passing started to lift I decided it was time to get back into a body I was proud of.

Not only for me, but to be a good role model for my daughter just as my Mom was to me.  I begin looking online for some great workouts program where I could lose weight in get in great shape as quick as possible.  I didn’t find much until one night I was on Instagram and I saw some posts from a fitness model by the name of Kayla Itsines. I had never heard of Kayla before so I did some research and saw is an Austrialian personal trainer and is a very big social media celebrity.  I found out she also had her own workout program called Bikini Body Guide (or BBG for short).  The website showed some girls getting really great results from the program so I thought maybe this was the workout for me!… turns out I was wrong!

I’ll tell you why in just a moment…

Anyway, I went ahead and purchased Kayla Itsines’s BBG program and unfortunately I now regret that decision!

Bikini Body Guide – Is It Worth The Money?

In total for the workout program and the nutrition guide I paid nearly $100.  I didn’t mind spending this at first because I thought this workout was going to be the real deal.  However, I was wrong! BBG is definitely not worth the money!

I think Kayla Itsines’s can easily jack up the prices on her workouts simply because she has so many fans on Instagram that will basically buy whatever she puts out, no matter the price. It’s really quite sad actually.

All I ended up receiving in the mail was a bunch of paper guides with exercises on them.  There were no videos or anything like that to follow along with.

I just thought for nearly $100 I’d be receiving much more than just paper guides!

Even though I was initially disappointed, I decided to try BBG anyway for a couple weeks to see how I liked it.

I started discover even more problems…

First of all when you follow all the exercises I noticed they all started getting very repetitive. Like I felt like I was doing squats 90% of the time.  No love at all for my upper body!

It got really boring really fast doing the same things over and over and there were no workout videos to follow along with.  It was just me having to try to do the exercises myself with no guidance. I am someone that really needs that extra motivation so having someone there in a workout video to go through the exercises with me is a big help. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to experience this with BBG!

And I’ll be honest and say I’m really not in great shape.  I get winded and tired easily and I really needed something that would be for beginners.

I searched through the whole guide hoping there would be a section for beginners like me but there wasn’t anything.  That led me to the conclusion that BBG is definitely not for beginners.

When I looked through the nutrition guide I noticed that all of the food was super expensive! I couldn’t even follow any of the diet because I couldn’t afford to buy the foods in the store.

I’m not here saying you won’t be able to afford them either, I’m just saying as a single mom… I had trouble!

All together I was just super disappointed in Bikini Body Guide.

My BBG Results

I wish I could show you some outstanding amazing results from doing BBG but unfortunately I can’t because I Quit! That’s right… I tried it for 2 weeks and just couldn’t continue. Between the receptiveness of the exercises, the disappointment from the lack of information, and the expensive nutrition guide.. I just couldn’t do it anymore!

Sorry Kayla but I’m NOT a fan!

The Alternative Bikini Body Program I Found

After my disappointment with BBG I went back online to try to find something better.  I ran into several websites where other people were talking about how unsatisfied they were with their results of BBG also.

One member of the website I was on recommended a different program that shared a similar name to Bikini Body Guide but was a completely different workout by a completely different trainer!  The name of the program is Bikini Body Workouts by Jen Ferruggia! It can be found at

The program literally seemed to be BBG except on steroids! Lol.

Not only did it come with workout and nutrition guides, but also workout videos, supplement guides, an inexpensive grocery list… and even better IT’S FOR BEGINNERS!

The best part about it is it’s only $29.99!

You basically get triple the amount of stuff with Jen’s Workout for a fraction of the price of Kayla’s workout.

I’ll compare both so you can see what I mean…

As you can see Jen’s Bikini Body Workouts offers much more than Kayla’s Bikini Body Guides!

I also found that Jen’s workout is much more fun and easier to follow.  For me, especially because I enjoy following along with both the exercise guides and workout videos.

There is a nice variety of exercises and movements so I’ve never felt bored doing it plus Jen shows you how to modify moves if you are a beginner and that was a big thing that Kayla’s program lacked.  Even my daughter was having fun doing some of the workouts with her Mommy!

I am even able to download all the videos on my ipad and take them anywhere I go!

I’ve been doing Bikini Body Workouts for almost 4 weeks and I am enjoying it so much.  It’s like a breath of fresh air and I’m so thankful that I actually look forward to working out!

Again, I promise I’m not trying to say anything bad about Kayla Itsines’s BBG program, I’m sure if you did the program completely you would see good results too.

But for me it was a no brainer.

You get A LOT more with Jen’s Bikini Body Workout and for A LOT less price!

I scoured the internet for a discount or coupon code to get Kayla Itsines’ BBG for cheaper but unfortunately no such discount exists.

There is however a discount for Jen Ferruggia’s workout giving you 15% off the total price!

The discount can be found here:

My Bikini Body Workout Results

Well since I promised you I would share some results with you but didn’t have any good ones to show with Kayla’s program I thought I’d show you my results with Jen’s program!

Here are my results after 4 weeks doing Bikini Body Workouts

I am super pleased with my results! Not only can I see them in the mirror but even my clothes fit me so much better!

I even went out last week and bought myself a bikini to get ready for the beach season!

I don’t know about you but one of the best feelings in the world is when the people you love most tell you they are proud of you!

Both my daughter and my boyfriend continue to compliment me on how much weight I’ve lost and how amazing I look.

It’s such a confidence booster and makes me feel so happy.

Even now when I think about my Mom I only think about all the happiness she brought me.  All the sadness about her passing doesn’t affect me much anymore because I know she would be proud of me too!

So to wrap things up here, it really doesn’t matter if you do Kayla Itsines’s Bikini Body Guide or Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workouts, the important thing is you take care of yourself.  The lose weight and you live a wonderful long and healthy life!

Never give up and always do what is best for you!! You owe it to yourself!

Thank you everyone for reading and thank you Jen for helping me get my life back on track!

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below!

Until next time,


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