The Fat Loss Miracle Review – I’ll Never Do Another Diet Again

Thinking of trying the Fat Loss Miracle System? Before you buy it check out my Fat Loss Miracle review, I think you’ll be surprised!

Have you ever been in a situation where you are trying so hard to lose weight but nothing works?

Like for real.. NOTHING works!

No special diets or exercises or anything seems to be working.  Well that was the exact problem I was having!

Hey everyone my name is Cameron and today I’m going to share with you my thoughts on the new weight loss system called Fat Loss Miracle.

If you haven’t heard much about the Fat Loss Miracle System you can CLICK HERE to visit the official website.  It’ll open up a new tab so you can keep reading…

Before we get to my review of the system I wanted to tell you how I came about finding The Fat Loss Miracle.

How I Discovered The Fat Loss Miracle

I use to be in really great shape.  In college I was very active in running and sports and continued for a for years after but then I met my boyfriend!

I think we can all be in agreement as to what happens when you start to get “comfortable” in a relationship.  Yup you guessed it… you get FAT!

For me, it was really simple to figure out how I was gaining weight.  I stopped exercising and I stopped focusing on my diet.

I was just so happy and enjoying my relationship with Matt (my boyfriends name) that I forgot about everything else… and unfortunately my helath went right out the window!

To be honest, it didn’t really bother me too much… I knew I had gained around 20 pounds but I felt happy to be in love.  That was until the most embarrassing day of my life…

It was our 4 year anniversary and Matt surprised me by planning a 3 day trip to Las Vegas.

I was so excited to go as I had never been before.

On our first day there we went to a pool party on the roof of one of the hotels.  The moment we got to the party I felt so sick to my stomach.

Every single girl that was there was so freakin hot! I’m talking amazing flat stomachs, tan bodies, nice asses… and there I was feeling like a big cow!

Pool Party Bad

I ended up not even taking my clothes off to go swimming. I stayed around the edge and put my feet in… I just couldn’t stand to be so embarrassed!

Matt tried to compliment me and tell me I was the prettiest girl there but I didn’t believe it.

That night we attempted to have sex but I just didn’t feel attractive. Not after seeing all those stunning girls in the pool.  I wasn’t in the mood… I just felt gross.

I felt ashamed of myself and sad for Matt because he deserved to be with someone beautiful and sexy and that definitely didn’t feel like me.

When we got back from the trip and I knew I had to make a change.

The problem was I really didn’t know where to start because there are so many diets out there with so much conflicting information.

I first tried the Atkins diet but after 3 days the headaches I had were too extreme and I had to stop.  I tried weight watchers but after awhile I just couldn’t afford to keep paying for it.

I tried a few more low-fat fad diets but really nothing was working.  Even when I got on the treadmill and eliptical for a few times a week it wasn’t showing any difference on the scale.

I felt STUCK! I felt like I was going to stay chubby forever.

One day I was on Facebook and I saw an ad on the side… It said that if I avoid one single poisonous ingredient from the most common “healthy” foods, I’ll lose weight.

This got me quite curious since I was trying all these “healthy” diets for months and nothing seemed to be working!

I went ahead and clicked on it and it let me to the Fat Loss Miracle Website (

I watched the video on the homepage and was completely SHOCKED!

Not only did I see so many similiaries in the video as to what I was going through myself but also about how we’ve been lied to all these years by big food companies about ingredients in all these feeds they label as healthy!

My Fat Loss Miracle Review

The Fat Loss Miracle program was created by celebrity trainer Ryan Young and is said to help people lose up 9 pounds in 2 weeks by avoiding certain foods containing bad chemicals.

There is no need to count calories, exercise, take pills, or even give up your favorite foods. It also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee…(sounds too good to be true right?) that’s what I thought too.

Fat Loss Miracle LogoThe program was priced at $37 which at the time was just a little out of my budget so I clicked the “back button” on my internet browser and when I did the website popped up with a $20 off discount!

That means I could get the Fat Loss Miracle system for just $17 bucks!

Now I kinda thought I had nothing to lose.

I could just pay $17 and if I didn’t like the system I could get my money back… so I went ahead and bought the Fat Loss Miracle!

Keep in mind this is a digital product so everything gets emailed to you instantly which I think is pretty cool but for those of you who like hard copies of things, well you won’t have that option.

Anyway as soon as I got the entire Fat Loss Miracle system (which was pretty instantly lol) I opened it right up and started reading it.

If this was true I could lose 9 pounds in 2 weeks well I wanted to get started right this instant!

Ryan Young the creator really made things easy to follow and understand.  He talks about the chemical aspartame being one of the worst things for your body yet it’s found in many “low calorie” or “low fat” foods.

It stimulates hunger and causes you to pack on more pounds.

No wonder I wasn’t having any luck on my diets!!

He also talks about several other chemicals stored in some other pretty crazy foods that I often eat, but I don’t want to give away everything about the system!

The Fat Loss Miracle program then introduces several spices and herbs that can be added to meals throughout your day that activate your metabolism and gets your body burning off everything!

Again, I won’t give away all the secrets but one of them is a Tea that is made out of Reishi Mushroom! If it sounds weird to you, you aren’t alone… I had no idea what is was or is lol!

All I know is I’m addicted to it now (in a good way!)

So after reading through the guide I had a good idea of how the next 2 weeks were going to go.

I wasn’t going to exercise, I wasn’t going to cut out my favorite foods, all I was going to do was avoid certain chemicals and add some “fat burning” secret herbs and spices to my diet!

My Thoughts On The Fat Loss Miracle

While using the program I never really encountered any issues or problems.  In fact all the directions were provided nicely that I was easy to follow.

I really wasn’t a big fan of tea before but this program get me into it! I made tea in the morning and evening and started to really enjoy the different flavors.

I started sprinkling ginger (another one of the secret spices) on certain foods that I ate like fish and chicken which I couldn’t even really taste any difference.

Overall I would say it was probably one of the easiest diets I ever had to do lol.

The question is though… did I get any good results??

My Results Of The Fat Loss Miracle

So to be honest… for me the 2 weeks went by really fast! I didn’t ever feel hunger pains which was good and it was very easy to follow.

Some of the teas I wasn’t a big fan of but I did end up loving the Reishi Mushroom tea… it kept me feeling full and was great at calming myself and relieving stress.

It was nice getting to eat nice whole foods and nothing that had been genetically modified in any way.  I felt after 2 weeks I definitely had a lot more energy!

As for the weight loss… in the 2 weeks I am happy to report I dropped 6 pounds!

Sure it wasn’t the whole 9 pounds like was promised but I still feel very pleased with that especially since I didn’t have to make any major changes to my diet.

Overall I definitely recommend the Fat Loss Miracle system especially if you can get it for the $17 price point… very well worth it for the information you get!

4 Weeks UPDATE Before And After Pics

I decided to keep up with the Fat Loss Miracle diet for 2 more weeks but this time I included 30 minutes of cardio/4 days a week! I just wanted to see if working out helped the process.

I’m so glad I did as I ended up losing an additional 12 pounds during that 2 week period!

Check out my before and after photo!

So in total for 4 weeks on The Fat Loss Miracle system I dropped 18 pounds!

It’s crazy how the low fat foods I thought were helping me were really the ones that were causing me to pack on so many pounds!

I can finally say I have my confidence back that I have lacked for so many years.  I feel so much more confident in a bikini and during intimate times with my boyfriend.

All it took was just a couple easy diet modifications and I’m so glad The Fat Loss Miracle introduced me to them!

The program really is a miracle!

Final Thoughts

If any of you ladies or gentlemen are interested in the Fat Loss Miracle system I highly recommend it!

Keep in mind though, you do have to commit to it for it to work for you.

There’s really not much to it but you do need to sit down and read all the information and plan out your next couple weeks so you don’t miss a beat.

Inspirational quote

Working out is not required at all as the author says many times but when I added in a few workouts a week my results were so much better.

I owe a lot to the Fat Loss Miracle for opening up my eyes to some of the foods that I thought were healthy but were really that ones that were keeping me fat!

Now I’m 18 pounds lighter and feel like an entire different person!

Thank you to everyone who read my Fat Loss Miracle review!

I hope it helped you in deciding if The Fat Loss Miracle system is right for you!

If you have any questions or want to share your results just leave a comment below!

Bye for now!


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