Is It Possible to Lose Weight Using At Home Workout Programs?

Going to the gym can be dreadful. 

Not only that but extremely expensive.  The problem is you still want to get in shape but simply either can’t find the time or can’t find the money to go to the gym. That brings us to losing weight at home.

While some people just axe this idea entirely thinking it’s possible, you might be surprised to find out you may be able to get a much more effective workout while in the comfort of your own home. 

It really all comes down to how hard you are willing to work for it. 

It’s been proven that the best way to burn fat and really get a toned and fit body is to do body weight exercise.  While these can definitely be done at the gym, the fact is the gym is mostly for those big rats!

You know the ones who grunt and shout lifting their massively heavy weights.  On a side note… no offense to these big gym rats. 

But they may be able to bench 500 pounds but try to get them to survive a one hour body weight exercise, odds are they are going to be dying after 15 minutes.  Believe me, I’ve seen in happen right in front of my very eyes!

So the short answer to is it possible to lose weight using at home workout programs is yes! It’s probably the most effective way you can do it.  If you get a program that sets up a schedule for you and gives you deadlines you will be held much more accountable for the work you put in.  Lots of at home programs also come with some sort of nutrition guide as well and you can use that to your advantage.

Some at home programs you need to beware of because they can be pricey and you don’t get much out of them.  For instance Beach Body Workout programs boast a big name but sometimes the programs themselves are expensive and really not what they said be. 

A good article that can be found here talks about Beach Body’s Yoga program called 3 Week Yoga Retreat.  The user tried the program and found that it was very an advanced user and not for beginner. 

When looking into programs make sure you read some of the negative reviews because it will give you a better idea of what to expect.

Many fitness insturctors have gotten a big push from Instagram and Twitter. 

Those who were once “nobodys” in the fitness business have skyrocketed to the top with social media.  But just because someone is InstaFamous doesn’t mean their workout product is “InstaGood”!

For instance the program BodyBoss Method got very popular by the trainer using Instagram as her big platform.  The problem is she created a program priced at $65 that doesn’t come with much at all except a booklet full of random exercise. 

A full BodyBoss review was written where the user says they were sucked into the social media tornado and purchased the program but now regrets it because they didn’t get much bang for their buck.

When choosing a great at home program my suggestion to you is to read all the reviews from the best to the worst and make sure you are 100% familiar with everything the program includes.  Look into programs from proven trainers like Bob Harper, Jillian Michaels or Jen Ferruggia. 

This way you are familiar with the individual training you on the screen and you know they’ll produce quality workouts for you to do at home.

Find a great program, try it for about 2 weeks and really see what you think.  If it’s truly an effective workout you should without a doubt see some results in 14 days or less and from their you can make the judgement call if the workout is for you or not.

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