How To Lose Weight On Your Disney Trip

Picture Of ShannonHello everyone! My name is Shannon and I am coming from you live from Disney’s Contemporary Resort in Walt Disney! I am staring out my hotel window looking in at The Magic Kingdom Park all while I’m feeling a little bit hungry lol!

I thought it would be fun to talk about all of us out there who are trying to keep the weight off while visiting our favorite Disney Park!

Conveniently I know a thing or 2 about each Disney Park having grown up in the State of Washington.

I took a lot of trips to Disneyland as a kid in California and then 8 years ago me and my husband moved to Orlando where we are constantly making trips to Walt Disney World and even taking mini “staycations” and staying at Disney hotels like I am doing now!

Mickey Mouse

Long story short I consider myself to be a big Disney Geek lol!

Well enough about me for now… let us get to the question on everybody’s mind…

How can I lose weight on my Disney trip??

Thankfully it’s not as hard as many people think! You can still eat all of your favorite Disney treats and Disney meals but a few simple alters will completely change the outcome from packing on pounds to shedding them away!

Walking, Walking, And Walking

So the main thing people tend to forget is the main thing you’ll be doing on your Disney Trip….

It’s not riding rides…

It’s not watching parades…

It’s not taking pictures….

It’s…. Exercise!!!

Main Street USA

That’s right!

What most us usually forget is regardless of which Disney Park you go to, the majority of your time spent there is going be walking! Luckily for us, walking is one of the best exercises for your body.

That means most of the time you’ll be walking and standing so our calories are constantly going to be burning away.

I have always been one to agree that your mental outlook has a huge impact on your body and weight loss.

So instead of thinking about walking around the parks and standing in line as painful or boring or annoying… look at it as a positive!

Get excited about walking and exercising around the parks.

Enjoy all the sights and sounds everywhere you go and remember your fat is melting away every step you take!

Disney Treats – The Culprit

Alright, it’s time to address the main culprit of every Disney trip.  Those incredible treats!

You know what I’m talking about…

  • Mickey Mouse ice cream bars
  • Pretzels
  • Churros
  • The bacon and cheese bread cones from Carsland (yum!!)

Just to name a few.

There are other articles and message board around the internet that I’ve read about losing weight on Disney trips are quick to say DON’T EAT THE TREATS!

But I’m here to tell you… EAT THE TREATS!

Macaroni And Cheese Cone

They are there for you to enjoy! It adds to the whole Disney experience… plus it’s your vacation! You deserve it!

However, I will say this…. Pick your favorites and don’t over indulge.

If your favorite Disney treat is a corn dog from Main Street USA then without a doubt go get a delicious corn dog, but don’t go and get a pretzel 30 minutes later or an ice cream right after.

Enjoy your corn dog and wash it down with a nice bottle of water then continue walking around the park.

The water will help clear the sodium from your body and of course walking will start to immediately burn off your snack.

This can be done with any snack – sweet or salty.

Another simple trick is to share your treat with someone else! Even the smallest popcorn at Disney is HUGE! So if you are going with a family member or loved one, share with them!

You still get to enjoy the Disney deliciousness first hand but pack on much fewer calories.

Dining At Disney Restaurant

When dining at any of the hundreds of Disney restaurants many of the same principles apply that we talked about above.

Luckily, all of the Disney restaurants or Quick Service locations have a lot of healthy items many of which are clearly labeled.

That way you are easily able to tell which choices are a bit more nutritious than other options.

Disney Menu

The salads at Disney are to die for as well! All salads are made with delicious fresh lettuce and toppings so you will get great flavor with every bite.

When in doubt… you can go for a salad and easily get full off of one!

A lot of the restaurants will automatically bring bread to the table.  Obviously, we don’t want to overdo it on the bread so many times I ask the waiter not to bring any to the table at all.

If I do want some I’ll ask for just for a couple pieces and that’s it.

Many of the main courses are big enough to share as well so keep that in mind especially since it’s not that convenient to take food to go.

My husband and I share main courses a lot and that cuts down on the price and the calories!

Main course menu items also come with sides that are sometimes pre-chosen for you.  Like a burger will automatically come with French fries etc.

You always have the option of subbing out your side for something healthier like veggies, even if it’s not stated in the menu.  In the example I gave you I’ll do that a lot.

I’ll order a burger which is kind of my “splurge” but then I’ll get veggies on the side instead of fries so that immediately cuts back on the fat and sodium I was going to intake plus adds a nice addition of vegetables to my daily diet.

Blue Bayou

Oh and I almost forgot the most important tip! There is a reason Disney is #1 when it comes to customer service.  They literally want to make sure everything is perfect for you.

So, one of the easiest ways to eat healthy at a Disney sit-down restaurant is to talk to your waiter!

Tell your waiter you are trying to lose weight or not gain weight and they will go through various options with you and together you can choose the best fit for you!

I have done this numerous times and it literally is the easiest option.

They are beautifully trained to handle any special food request so they always have an answer for me and always create a delicious healthy dining experience for me when I ask!

Article Recap

When eating Disney snacks but trying to stay healthy…

  • Don’t over eat or indulge
  • Enjoy your treats in moderation
  • Share with somebody
  • Make sure you are constantly drinking water to flush away the sodium and keep you hydrated throughout the day

When eating healthy at Disney Restaurants you can…

  • Follow the healthy food labels on the menu
  • Opt for a salad
  • Ask for no bread (or limited bread) to be brought to your table
  • Share your main course with someone else
  • You always have the option to sub out any of your side for vegetables
  • Above all else talk to your waiter/waitress and let them know you are trying to stick to a healthy diet and see what they recommend for you.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Cinderella Castel

I hope I was able to help you discover some ways to keep the weight off on your Disney vacation!

Remember to have a positive outlook on the experience! If this is your first time trying to lose weight and eat healthy on your trip, embrace it as a new lifestyle choice and not something negative.

To be honest, I have more fun eating healthy at Disney than I do when I’m splurging and eating everything!

I find that I have so much more energy and I am more present in each moment and that makes each and every “magical moment” that much more special to me!

[Article Update]

I felt it was important to add this last section as I had a lot of emails and some comments asking about any special diets I would recommend if someone is looking to lose a lot of weight quickly BEFORE or AFTER a Disney Trip.

There of course are many options out there but the one I found that worked really well for me in taking off pesky pounds in a matter of a couple weeks is the Lean Belly Breakthrough Diet Program.

This is the same diet that was used by Jennifer Hudson to drop weight fast.  I own the program myself and have done the diet a few times over and it works immensely well in getting rid of pounds quickly!

Whether you’re looking to lose weight before your Disney trip or maybe you went a little too hard on the Disney snacks and need to lose the pounds after your trip, I recommend Lean Belly Breakthrough in getting the pounds off quick!

If you have any questions, feedback, or more tips to share please comment below!!

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See You At Disney!


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