The Best At-Home Yoga DVD Workouts

Best at Home Yoga DVD workotus

Hey everyone Joan here and today I want to talk to you about Yoga! Yoga is such a powerful exercise because it really gives your body the ample amount of stretching it needs.  It helps you gain flexibility, helps you feel more energized and also takes inches off your waist.

When it comes to going to an actual Yoga Studio the cost can be $100+ for just a few short workouts.  My recommendation would be to skip that entirely and do Yoga right from home! There some some incredible workouts out there that can be purchased for as little as $8! That sounds a whole lot better than $100! I’ve complied a list of my favorite at home Yoga workouts so keep reading and take a look and see what catches your eye!

Yoga Melt down by Jillian Michaels

For those who followed Jillian Michaels throughout her career on the Biggest Loser you’ll know that she means business! When it comes to her Yoga program Yoga Meltdown, it’s no different! Jillian mixes her yoga with interval training and keeps your heart on a roller coaster ride! This is by far the best way to burn fat and calories all at once! With all this it’s nice that all of her movements are actually really easy on your joints so you can maintain her workout with no pain whatsoever.  All in all you’ll get a great 30 minute yoga workout that is good for beginners yet difficult enough that you’ll work up a good sweat and breathe heavy through its entirety.  One of the best parts about the program is it’s available on Amazon for just $8! Not that’s a steal of a deal!

Yoga Boost

A fairly new program that has hit the shelves that is firing on all cylinders is a program called Yoga Boost.  It has a $18 price point and is exclusive to  As far as beginners this is probably the best Yoga workout you can find.  The program really works on your flexibility and building up your body to work on my advanced movments.  It gives you altenrative moves you can do if you are just starting out and other moves you can do if you’ve done yoga for awhile.  The program gives you the options to stop movments at anytime or to test yourself and hold each pose longer.  The instructor is great at giving directions also which is key.  Most of the time while doing an at home Yoga workout you aren’t able to look at your TV screen because you are in the middle of a movement.  The instructor explains each movement in a way you can easily understanding making it so you never have to look up.  If you are a true beginner in Yoga, this program is definitely for you!

Bob Harper Yoga For The Warrior
If you can find this dvd, you won’t regret it! This program was released in 2010 and since then it’s been hard to get a copy. Voted one of the best at home Yoga programs of all time by Men’s Health, Bob Harper’s Yoga For The Warrior DVD is simply put… a BEAST. It’s one hour straight of big yoga power movements.  You will hold poses for a very long time and you will constantly mix in interval moves to keep your heartrate moving at a maxium speed.  This workout is definitely for advanced Yogis… although he does show you some modification moves if you are interested in trying it out as a beginner.  One thing is for sure… this workout will kick your butt! For me, this is without a doubt the hardest at home Yoga program I’ve ever done! Do this workout for a week and you’ll without a doubt see and feel results! As I said, this workout is tough to find so the price range is going to range.  I’ve seen them being sold on ebay from $10 to $60.  Just always be on the lookout!

So there you have it! My list of what I think are the best at home Yoga programs.  All these programs are available through and some of them can even be instantly downloaded! Best of luck to you my YOGIS!

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