Thinking Of Trying Weight Loss Patches? DON’T! Here’s Why…

So you’re looking into using weight loss patches as a means for weight loss?

I don’t blame you at all, in fact I was once in your shoes too.

I had tried everything possible to lose weight and nothing ever seemed to be working.

No joke, I tried like 100 different diets that did nothing for me but leave me hungry.

Working out was never really my thing anyway so I could never motivate myself enough to go to the gym.

That’s when I started looking into weight loss patches as a means to help me lose weight.  Honestly, I didn’t do much reading into the ingredients or their effects.

All I saw was they can help lose weight without putting in much effort at all so I got excited thinking they would work for me!

Boy was I wrong!

Hey everyone, I’m Jasmin!

It’s good you stumbled upon this article because I am going to tell you exactly why weight loss patches are terrible and I’ll show with you the diet and exercise program that actually worked for me!

I ended up ordering some weight loss patches from and followed the directions as labeled.  The first couple days of using them I didn’t really feel much difference or see a difference in my weight loss or eating habits.

It wasn’t until the 3rdday where I started breaking out in sweats during the day at work! I’m talking sweat everyone… Yes even in “that” area ladies!

Along with all my sweatiness my heart started beating right out of my chest. My heart felt like it was about to explode.  I ran right into the bathroom and ripped off my weight loss patch and immeidaltey felt relief.

I swear that shit was about to kill me!

That evening I went home to get to the bottom of it! What are in these weight loss patches? And why do I feel like they were deadly!

Why Weight Loss Patches Are Horrible For You

As it turns out there isn’t much research done on weight loss patches.

Not many studies have been done which means most of the ingreidants inside of them are UKNOWN!

How scary is that??

That’s just flat out TERRIBLE!

Some of the information that was released shows that many weight loss patches were loaded with weird drugs, even some prescription drug ingredients.

Ephedra, was is a drug that was banned in the year 2004 is also a drug that use to be placed in weight loss patches.  It was banned when they found out in causes heart attacks and strokes and people even died for it.

The problem is companies now have found ways to make other drugs very similar to ephedra but call them as different names and they still put them in weight loss patches!

I went on to read that many people have had the same issues as me that they started having abnormal heart rhythms, anxiety and even depression!

There’s apparently even a pending lawsuit where one person claimed they become suicidal while using weight loss patches!!

To me, it sounds like it’s more of a death patch than a weight loss patch!!

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The Healthy Alternative I Found To Weight Loss Patches

So after my scary experience with weight loss patches I went back to the internet to try to search for a much more natural and fun way to lose weight.

I came across a workout program called Bikini Body Workouts.  What caught my eye about it is it’s a program for people who don’t like dieting and working lol!

It was put together by celebrity fitness trainer Jen Ferruggia and it comes with all the information easily laid out for you.

You get workout guides, workout videos, supplement guides, nutrition guide, and shopping lists for the grocery store.

It’s all put together step by step which is exactly what I needed.

I always tend to get lost when I’m not given clear directions.

Jen is great at making things easy to understand!

Best part about it is you can do it all from your home! No gym required!

The cost for all of that was just $29 and there’s even a coupon available online to get you 15% off if you want to try.

Coupon Available @

At first I didn’t really want to pay money for workout program but when I realized this was cheaper than the weight loss patches I was buying plus a whole lot more natural for me, I went ahead and bought it.

I know I keep saying it but I loved how simple it was lol! It almost felt like I wasn’t even on a diet lol.

The workouts were fun and easy and I did them right in my living room.  The food was also delicious and fun to prepare!

My Results From Bikini Body Workouts

So after stopping my weight loss patches and following the Bikini Body Workouts program for 4 weeks I became incredibly happy with my results!

Here’s is my 4 week before and after picture:

In total I lost 17 pounds in 4 weeks using Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workouts!

And I’m so happy to say it was easy and natural!

I didn’t need any horrible weight loss patches!

Final Thoughts On The Dangers Of Weight Loss Patches

I encourage everyone out there to NOT use weight loss patches.  They can be really dangerous. 

Regardless of which diet and workout program you do, just make sure you do it and commit to it.

It is so much more natural for you to lose weight by doing a program than doing a patch.

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Thank you everyone for reading! I hope I was able to help you out and shed some light on the deadly effects of weight loss patches!

If you plan on using weight loss patches anyway, just make sure you are careful and know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

It’s your life and your choice, but at the end of the day I wouldn’t have written this article if I wasn’t passionate about speaking the truth when it comes to weight loss patches!

Just be safe and be careful out there 🙂


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