YessFit Extreme Review: My Thoughts And Results Of The New 2019 Fitness Program

Are you looking for a review of the newest fitness program Yessfit Extreme? Well you’ve come to the right place! Check out my review and see my results before you buy… They may surprise you…

Picture Of JulieHey everyone! My name is Julie and I am a single mother with a beautiful daughter that means the world to me.

I am someone who considers myself to be pretty active however about 2 years ago I found out that my husband of 7 years had been cheating on me with a much younger woman.

The affair had been going on for the last 2 years of our marriage and when I found out my whole world was flipped upside down.  Our divorce was extremely messy and I ate through a lot of the pain.

Needless to say I ended up packing on quite a bit of weight during that time and the thought of it still makes me feel sick to my stomach.

Since the divorce was finalized I took on raising my daughter by myself and have tried to get back on a healthy weight loss regime but unfortunately have pretty much failed every time.

Finally the straw that broke the camel’s back was when I saw my daughter begin to gain weight too.  This was nobody’s fault but my own.

The last thing I wanted was my depression and poor eating habits to fall into her life as well so I made it my mission to find a great program to lose weight and get back into fantastic shape.

How I Discovered YessFit Extreme

It’s funny how life works sometimes because that same night I was scrolling through Facebook and I received a friend request from a woman named Sheri that I went to college with.

The first thing I noticed was her profile photo and how absolutely incredible she looked! She had really nice toned arms, a skinny waist, and a nice fit booty to top it off!

The thing of it was I always remember Sheri being pretty chubby all throughout college so I set out to discover how she transformed her body!

I sent her a message and we got caught up on life and then without further hesitation I asked her…

How Did You Do It?!? You Look Amazing!!

She responded with an LOL of course and then told me about a new fitness program that just hit the internet this year and it’s called Yessfit Extreme!

Yessfit Extreme is everything a fitness program should be and more.
she said!

She gave me the link to the official website which was and I ended up watching the videos and reading all the amazing testimonials.


YessFit Logo Web

The one thing that stood out to me that I liked about it is the Yessfit Extreme program gives you both a guide to workout at home or one to workout in the gym.

This was huge for me because as a single mother I prefer to workout a home so I can be with my daughter.  The program also included a nutrition guide that look very delicious.

When I watched the video on the website, it spoke about how there are so many fake ads and fitness programs out there that promise you to drop 15 pounds in a week and other unhealthy results.

But Yessfit is different in the sense that they tell you it’s not going to be easy but they will give you everything you possibly need to succeed and see some life changing results in just 30 days.

It made me happy to see a program that actually tells the truth and isn’t trying to trick you into thinking you’re going to get something that you’re not.

Yessfit Extreme Cost And Coupon

Probably one of the biggest positives I saw and one of the main reasons why I ended up purchasing Yessfit Extreme is you are guaranteed to lose more than 10 pounds in 30 days or my money back!

This was the very first fitness program I’ve ever seen to guarantee results like that or have a 100% money back guarantee.

Coupon CodeThe price for Yessfit Extreme is $130 and to me it was a little bit shocking at first so I hopped on Google and searched for a coupon and found one which got me the program for $77 WAHOO!

Now $77 was still a little high for me but to be honest I realized that it would totally be worth it if I could drop a solid 15 pounds in a matter of 30 days.

And of course if I didn’t achieve those results I could easily get my money back at anytime.

So with the recommendation from my friend Sheri backed with the money back guarantee, I went ahead and purchased Yessfit Extreme and immediately got access to everything!

What’s Included With YessFit Extreme

The items that instantly came to me via email were:

  • Nutrition Guide
  • At Home Workout Guide
  • Gym Workout Guide
  • 56 Exercise Videos To Follow Along With

I was so excited to get started I ended up reading the entire nutrition guide in the first night lol. I wanted to be ready to go grocery shopping in the morning.

It also came with a bunch of workout videos to follow along with too. Needless to say, I was really looking forward to it starting tomorrow!

I decided I wasn’t going to obsess over the scale and I wasn’t going to weigh myself until I was completely done with the program

Day 1 Of My New Journey

The next morning I woke up early and was excited to get to the store and do the grocery shopping.

One thing I found was that the food items were pretty inexpensive compared to what I thought they would be and they were mostly all foods I really enjoyed already.

This got me even more motivated and I was up for that 10 pounds in 30 day challenge!

I begin the workouts that evening from the comfort of my living room and I’m not gonna lie… it was tough! In fact I was pretty exhausted when it was all said and done lol.

Just Do It

But I just kept telling myself that this feeling of exhaustion is going to be all worth it in the end.

The program itself is very step by step and very doable… I mean if I was able to do it, you can definitely do it too! It’s nice that you can go at your own pace too which was great for me since I was definitely in beginner stage.

Here is a few workouts that I took from the website that you will be doing at home.

End Of Week 1

The first week of the program was pretty tough for me, I was changing my diet and starting to workout again and I believe it put my body in type of shock mode.

I was a little nervous to continue going if the other weeks were going to feel like this… but I was way wrong!

The more the week went on the stronger I began to feel and the more energy I felt in my body.

What was really motivating for me was my daughter wanted to join in on the workouts and eat the good healthy food with mommy! So she started getting into it also lol!

My Final Week – Amazing Results!

Before I knew it I was on my final week and I pushed hard to see my results.  I completed my final workout on day 30 and then went and stopped on the scale… I was so proud of myself!

14 pounds down! Check out my before and after photo below!

My Before And After

I lost 14 pounds in just 30 days and completely transformed myself in ways I never even felt possible.  I feel like an entire new person thanks to Yessfit Extreme!

Best part about it is my daughter has taken notice and has started making big healthy changes to her life too.  Now she wants to workout with her mom and eat like her too!

What I Liked About YessFit

The main things I really loved about YessFit Extreme were first of all that it is so simple.  It is a very basic step by step program so there is nothing for you to be confused over.

You can really go at your own pace and do make the workouts benefit you how you want them to.  Also, the fact that it can be done at home or at the gym and you get both guides is a pretty awesome deal.

I know with some programs you have to choose between either one or the other depending if you want gym workouts or at home workouts, but with YessFit Extreme they send you both along with all the workout videos.

What I Didn’t Like

It’s hard for me to really pick something I didn’t like about the program but I guess if I did it would have to be that it takes some self motivation to get through it all.

Remember you don’t have a personal trainer right there in front of you cheering you on so with some of the exercises, especially the ones you are doing from the guide and not from the videos, take a little bit of extra motivation to push through and get them done.

Other than that minor bump…I think YessFit Extreme is pretty darn awesome!

I Absolutely Recommend YessFit Extreme!

I am already part way through my 2ndround with YessFit Extreme and I am just loving my insane results! This is not just a fad… it’s now my lifestyle!

If you’re looking for a great step by step workout and diet that you can do at home that really does offer results I would really recommend YessFit Extreme.

Again, worst case scenario if you buy it and its not for you, you can easily get your money back.

Remember don’t forget the coupon code! It will save you $53!

Picture Of JulieIf you have any questions regarding YessFit Extreme please feel free to comment below.  I would love to see your results as well so please post them too!

Thanks everyone for reading!!


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